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30 November 2005 @ 01:16 am
AIM Convo and Dinner RP Riza/Roy  
Not finished, I think the Colonel fell asleep, all damn her.

Re: Hughes, work, lazy men, dinner

thehawkseyes: Mustang.

Fame and Flame: What?

thehawkseyes: Hughes has a point.
thehawkseyes: You need to go eat something
thehawkseyes: Not popcorn.

Fame and Flame: You're talking to Hughes?

thehawkseyes: No.
thehawkseyes: He got an online journal. I happened to see that he thinks you're too skinny. I agree. You could look a bit more healthy. So go eat something.

Fame and Flame: I'm busy. Do you know how many papers are on my desk?
Fame and Flame: Do my paperwork and maybe I'll go grab something out of the vending machine.

thehawkseyes: You were supposed to have those signed by 1900.
thehawkseyes: I already did at least a fourth of your paperwork and all of my own!
thehawkseyes: Order something.

Fame and Flame: Order it for me.

thehawkseyes: ><
thehawkseyes: Lazy man.

Fame and Flame: I'm working my ass off over here.

thehawkseyes: Next you'll want me to come back to work after you ordered me to leave.

Fame and Flame: There was no need for you to stay.

thehawkseyes: Well there isn't anyone else around to protect you.
thehawkseyes: Whatever, I haven't eaten yet anyway.

Fame and Flame: Except me. Which is enough.

thehawkseyes: See you in about twenty minutes, pasta sound good or should I just bring tuna?

Fame and Flame: spaghetti

thehawkseyes: fine
thehawkseyes has signed off

Hawkeye:The First Lieutenant logged off the computer and dialed a local italian restaurant to place their orders. She ordered a spaghetti dinner with meat sauce and a salad with ranch dressing for the Colonel, and the same for herself except with cheesy marinara sauce rather than meat. She also ordered a two liter of mountain dew for the both of them as well. After hanging up the phone, she changed out of her boxers and over large t-shirt back into her uniform. She had only just changed out of it a half an hour ago. Riza made sure to feed Black Hayate before leaving the house. It ended up taking just over twenty minutes for her to pick up the food and get back to the Eastern HQ. She knocked on the door and waited for him to come open it for her.

Mustang:Roy glanced up from leaning back in his seat, and twirling a pen in his hands at the knock at the door. Pushing himself out of his seat he headed over there and flung the door open. "Long time no see Hawkeye." He teased as he took the bags off of her hands.

Hawkeye:"All of fourty-nine minutes yes." She responded, smiling as she shut the office door behind her. "How much do you have left to do anyway?" She took a seat in front of his desk and looked at the hazard scene before her.

Mustang:"I have so much to do. I dont understand why they pile all of this paperwork on me." Roy said glancing over the 'millions' of papers on his desk. Now, if Roy would have just put them in the pile she had left for him, he would realize that their were really not that many at all.

Hawkeye:She rolled her eyes at him before scooping up the papers to go through them while he put the food out.
"Just set that up." She told him, "I'll sort these AGAIN, and don't mess them up this time."
She went about rearanging the papers, putting the ones that only had to be read on the bottom and the ones that were past due on being signed and returned on top.

Mustang:"I didn't mess them up. I was looking at them for your information."Roy watched her as he set out the food. If she was going to sort them...why couldnt she just sign them for him. He didn't need to be doing paperwork, there were so many other important things that required is attention and that were alot less boring.

Hawkeye: She set the papers aside once the food was set out. It wasn't often that either of them really had a chance to sit down and eat a meal. It made sense that it was after midnight, the only time they would ever get seemed to be the time they refused to spend asleep.

To Be Continued
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