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31 October 2005 @ 02:41 pm
Mod Post # 1 + applications  
Welcome to Inerasable Sins everyone. Thanks for joining. I hope that everyone here has a good time, and that we can make this RPG a very fun and very active one.

Remember, If you have any questions ASK, ASK, ASK. Please ASK. Hehe.

The RPG will start once the main characters are filled. We hope that's soon. XD

Also, I've decided you can apply by placing your applications here as well.
Here is the form:

Name or Alias:
AIM screen name or email: (I would prefer the AIM or both.)
LJ user name:
Roleplaying Experience:
Character you're applying for:
Sample Journal Entry (1st person) :
Reason you are applying for this character:

Just leave the completed application in a comment to this post.

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